Puerto Rican Food: A Must

There is a very powerful force that brings tourists back to Puerto Rico: its food.

The crispiness of the tostón or arañita, the sweetness and kick of the Piña Colada, the richness of the flan (custard), the multiple plantain dishes both salty and sweet: amarillos, platanutres, and mofongo in all its forms, such as the trifongo, a mixture of green and yellow plantain with yucca.

If you wish to escape from the cold temperatures of the North, Christmas season is the best time to drive to Guavate, in Cayey, and enjoy the best lechón (roasted pig) in the world, pasteles (plantain kind of tamal), rice and beans, and morcillas (blood sausage). The best way to end the Christmas Feast is with a shot of Coquito, the Puertorican version of eggnog, consisting of coconut cream, rum, coconut milk, cinnamon and eggs. Keep in mind that the longest Christmas in the world are Puerto Rico’s. You will begin enjoying the delicious festivity plates since November, just after Thanksgiving, ending in January, after las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, internationally well known.

Puerto Rico has a great reputation for its native food as well as its enormous variety of restaurants. You will also find a wide array of American, Mexican, Argentinian, Caribbean, Peruvian, Italian, Brazilian restaurants.

And remember, Puertorricans are the friendliest people in the world.